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Trip to NYC with [personal profile] stultiloquentia! I had one last week! I did things there! I guess here are my thoughts.

- It was... good? I don't have the same emotional attachment to the show/movie that other people do, but I did see the movie beforehand so I knew what to expect from it for the most part. I guess I hadn't realized how much it was a very long monologue with Hedwig making a lot of the voices, but it was fun, it was gripping, and it was emotional. I guess I'm still parsing my own reaction to it. There's a lot of question marks going on here in my head.
- Darren was better than I was expecting. Glee's hot mess of everything definitely doesn't always show him in the best possible light, but he did a great job of carrying the show, long monologues and lots of singing and emotionally heavy stuff and all.
- I now have all of the songs stuck in my head so I've been listening to the three different versions that I can find on Rdio (original off-Broadway, movie soundtrack, NPH's version) and being amused by them.
- I want to go back and see it again, after rewatching the movie, just to see how my perspectives on both of them change.
- And also because I want to see Darren Criss prance around in nothing but short shorts again. YES, I AM OKAY WITH BEING THIS SHALLOW ABOUT IT.

- Very much traditional Broadway, big sets, big musical numbers, big everything. I hadn't seen the movie before, so I only had the vaguest idea of what it was about.
- This was also good. Good in a very traditional sense. Lots of acting. Lots of singing. Lots of dancing.
- The standout section of it was the performance-within-a-performance of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Extremely cool and fun from an interpretation point of view, but also uncomfortably racist on like two different levels.
- I got to stare at Conrad Ricamora's chest while he was singing love songs, so that was also a plus.

- Visited the Museum of the Moving Image, which was interesting enough. The general museum was interesting enough, lots of movie history stuff, but it ended up feeling like a collection of stuff rather than an educational experience. There was some nifty experimental stuff on the HCI front, which I always find interesting. I got to experience the Oculus Rift, which was fun.
- Lots of food and meals and talking fandom (and computer stuff!) Both fun and exhausting.
- Had time to catch up with [personal profile] azephirin, which was super duper excellent.

This work week has been kind of odd for me. I think it's a mix of post-trip wooziness and the warm weather.

I have been writing again, at least. There is/was this long(ish?) story that I've been dropping in an out of, and I've gotten another wind on it. Let's see how long it will take before I get bored of it this time. The whole thing is currently at 4k words, and there is this whole long middle thing where I still need to figure out what happens in it. I'm slowly filling it in, but it feels messy.

Age of Ultron this weekend. I'm mildly looking forward to it. I have seen quite the variation in reactions, and now I get to form my own opinions on it. Hooray?

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