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The Evil Athiest Conspiracy Strikes Again

There was this interesting post in mock_the_stupid.

An interesting fight breaks out between the creationists and the original poster. I think that some good points are brought up on both sides, but some of the evolution supporters are assholes (but then again so are the creationists).

Evolution is taught at my school. I live in a fairly conservative, but nonreligious area. I haven't actually had to fight for my right to learn evolution or anything, but this subject is something that really bothers me. I have the right to learn about evolution the same way I get to learn about communism. You may not agree with it, but it's still important to learn.

Scientific Creationism (not to be confused with deism) is pretty stupid. If you believe in creation because of your religious beliefs that's one thing, but trying to pass creation off as a scientific principle is bullshit.

It's also wierd to hear anyone in an AP class say that he doesn't believe in evolution and doesn't think anyone else does either.

Here enedth the rant.
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