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X2 again

This movie seems to be getting worse and worse for me:

1. No Cyke: My favorite character is getting sidelined again. There better be more of him in the next one or someone's going to feel my wrath.

2. More Wolverine: Never really saw his charm really. He's got practically the entire movie to himself! This sucks. Not to mention the lame-ass love triangle that they only seem to show one side of. I mean Logan kisses Jean! WTF! We've barely seen Scott hug her.

3. The plotline: This one's mostly my fault so I can't really complain. I already know that there isn't much to look foward to. There's some stuff about Wolvverine's past and a militant ass who's trying to kill mutants.

4. Lady Deathstrike: She's like Wolverine in almost every way. Especially in how she's overhyped fan-boy fodder.

On a more positive not I'll try to list the things I'll like:

1. Magneto and Xavier: Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart can single handedly improve any movie. Together they can actually make a horrible movie seem decent.

2. Nightcrawler: Teleporting blue guy with a funny accent! Who tries to kill the president. *snicker snicker*

3. Cyke's Fight Sequence: I'm such a sucker for hand-to-hand combat. It's disgusting really.

Ain't he great?

I probably will see it this weekend, but in a mostly indifferent state toward most of it.
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