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I'm reading Shadow of the Hegemon right now, even though I have a million other things to do. I now have an unholy love for Peter Wiggin and Petra. Peter is just so cool in a brilliant, psychopathic way. Petra just kicks ass. I still miss Ender. Speaker for the Dead just isn't as appealing to me. For most of the book I was screaming "Peter, come back! I don't really care about Thailand."

I don't really like Bean. In Ender's Shadow, he seemed like some kind of freaky Marty Stu that Card changed so that he could continue the series. I don't think Card loves Ender the same way he loves Bean, which is why Ender, despite being the most brilliant doesn't come off as a Stu.

The books are freaking addictive now though. Does Peter show up for any significant amount of time in Shadow Puppets? I know Petra has Bean's babies or something, but I don't Peter's involvement.
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