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More rantings about the Enderverse

Got Shadow Puppets today.

Still in love with Peter, though I think he's being stupid simply to futher the plot. I don't think that Peter is really that stupid. At least he wasn't in Ender's Game. I also miss his psychopathic tendencies. Where's the torture of small animals? I am also torn about his random moments of humiliation. On one hand they're amusing, but they seem out of character for Peter.

I think Achilles' power is a bit far fetched. He doesn't have the intelligence or nearly the same amount of time setting up netwroks of power as Peter, but yet he somehow he manages to go higher up in a few different countries. He also seems to be able to charm anyone.

Bean is still boring. Petra irks me. Was it really necessary for the two of them to get married? I know Card is just forwarding his own agenda and beliefs, but really, it takes away from both of their characters. Their relationship is completely forced. The forced angst with Bean about procreation was just funny. Really.

I actually like the Wiggins. They kick ass. So does Alai.

In short: Peter is t3h kewliez. Bean is boring. Petra is no longer interesting. Achilles isn't a convincing plot device. I really wish Card wasn't going for revisionism.

perplexigon, feel free to rant about how horrible the books are. I don't really mind.
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