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More icons. You guys know what's going on. Numbered for easier reference.

1. Taken during the Washington trip. Mount Vernon. 2.Taken in the Poughkeepsie train station of a guy I don't know 3.Grand Central at night. Very pretty
4. Harvard campus, so yeah. The brush is very badly used, but I couldn't think of what I could do. 5.Have you noticed my obsession with sunsets?

6.There was once a girl named Eowyn, who was sad because her cousin died 7.She was also sad because she was a woman, and therefore couldn't go to war. 8.So she dressed up as a man and killed a Witch King. The end
9.Oh,yeah, and there was this hobbit, too

10.Erm, yeah, it's a bit overdone, but I like it. 11.I really wanted to make an icon out of this, so I did 12.You know the feeling
13.Awesome song, not too fond of hairy!George, though 14.So awesome that I made a John one as well. 15.One of the bestest Beatles songs. Yes, I did just say 'bestest'
16.I liked the absurdity 17.Screen cap from Hard Day's Night. Remember my wierd obsession with light? 18.Morose!Paul. Yeah.
19.The field pics get me every time. 20.Ringo is just too cool. 21.Ringo never gets the good text. *sigh*
22.Yeah, pretty.

Yeah. You can tell I was getting my homework done.
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