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More icons, 45 to be exact. Beatles/School of Rock/Random other

Teasers, because I know no one will look otherwise:
17.I am special because I was chosen to be a teaser. 28.I like this one. I really do 45.MY DAD'S FOOT IZ PASTEDE ON YAY

1+ Beatles
1.Revolution is a great song. Watch for a repeat of the almost exact same lyric later on. 2.I had a little too much fun making this one 3.So it's corny. Bite me. 4.What? There's only one of them! 5.But wait! George is in it! And thedeadparrot made an animated icon!
A set:
6.Another animated one! My world's gone askew! 7.Singles! Ringo in sunglasses! 8.George really red 9.inventive cropping! I swear! 10.Other guitar. I am just too funny.

11.I just needed to have a 'Here Comes the Sun' icon, okay? 12.Hippie!George has nifty  sunglasses 13.Yes, I will make WMGGW icons until the day I die. 14.See above

15.Awww....They're so cute together 16.I dare you to read the second line. 17.Aren't I creative? Aren't I? 18.Wow. I wonder if anyone is actually reading this.

19.Blackbird flies 20.I'm running out of witty things to say. Help!

21.I was listenng to a lot fo 'Let It Be'. Can you tell? 22.And Abbey Road 23. I know the picture quality sucks.

School of Rock - DVD chapter titles because I can't come up with good text myself.
24.Dewey going crazy onstage 25.Adventures in dropshadow! 26.No more demerits or goldstars 27.This one was a hard one to get. I don't really even like it now. 28.Lawrence is just too cute
29.yellow and green! 30.Yes, that is impact 31.Craziest and hardest to read! woot. 32.Bad grunge fonts! Inappropriate colors! 33.Freddy goes wild/punk/special
34.The text was so hard to get on this one. 35. More hard to read text! 36.Boggle at Joan Cusack's distorted head! 37.What is it now? Upsidedown text? Genuis! 38.He's not? What?
39.So I ran out of ideas. Shut up, 40.I actually like this one. 41.That's all (from this set) folks!

Random other crap:
42.Enough of the Beatles, let's butcher John Lennon songs now! 43.On second thought, let's go back to John Lennon while he was in the Beatles. 44.Now Simon and Garfunkel! 45.I'm sure this is a lyric by someone somewhere.

Want. Take. Comment. I'm not really concerned about credit, but it is nice.

*cough*goodmusicicons*cough* Like geekyicons and the like, but for music related icons. Join up. Bring your friends.
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