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Yet even more icons.

Yeah. Apparently stress encourages you to make icons. 8 Beatles/2 School of Rock/5 LotR/11 U2/3 miscellaneous.

Rules: Take. Comment. Credit is nice and I 'd prefer that you do, but I'm not really a credit Nazi.

6.Sing it! 29.stereophonics lyrics on a picture i took on a bus 25.Discotheque is one of the coolest songs ever

1.Why do I only ever use George lyrics from three songs? I have no clue 2.Yay unreadable text 3.Ringo is awesome. Worship him
4.Nifty cropping 5.hooray for crazy people 6.Sing it!
7.Oh boy 8.Blue is my second favorite color. Try guessing my first

9.Zach is such a cute kid 10.Square and squared. Hahahahaha. Hilarious

11.I like the cropping and colors on this one. 12.Overlay blending mode is god. 13.I don't like the text color, but oh well.
Billy Boyd:
14.Still trying to figure out that favorite color? 15.You probably think that blue is my favorite color

16.Well, you're wrong 17. MY HED IZ FLOATING YAY 18.Pinkish/Purple isn't the right answer either, sorry
19.Edge in front, Bono in back 20.Vague signs of slash yay 21.On the wing of an airplane
22.Bad lyrics yay 23.More unreadable text. Boy, I'm good 24.Even more blue
25.Yup. 26.Closer than you think

27.Travis lyrics because I'm not creative worst one out of this set. Just plain bad 29.I like this song and this picture

Sick of bad icons of your favorite bands? Do you make good icons of your favorite band? Apply to join goodmusicicons or simply friend it if you want to watch.
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In order to maintain a level of quality, you must be approved by me and lykaios.
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