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I need to do some purging, so yes, this is an icon post. 28 total. 7 Beatles/2 U2/9 Ewan McGregor with Marvin Gaye lyrics/2 LotR/2 Marvin Gaye/3 "Silent Sigh"/1 SoR/2 "What's Going On?"

Yes I was on a Marvin Gaye kick, not to mention random.

Teasers: 21.MARVIN 20.Yeah, 'Silent Sigh' ate my brain as well
Comment, take, credit is nice.

1.Original text was 'Nowhere man', but that's just overdone 2.I was trying to experiment with color, yeah 3.Look familiar? 4.With cutting up images as well.
5.Look at my pathetic attempts at colorization. Look! 6.More cutting up 7.Rather boring if you ak me.

8.Yet more crap from Discotheque 9.You really should be getting irritated of my shitty colorization by now

Ewan pseudo "How Sweet It Is" Songset
10.Completely inappropriate picture, yay! 11.Barely visible pictures. 12.Generic text style 13.Joy!
14.Aww, he's so full of emotion 15.Non-cut up version, because I couldn't decide 16.Cut-up version, which is very nice in it's own right
More Lyrics, but from "Build My World Around You"
17.Yeah, I couldn't decide either 18.I'm not sure about the cut up one, but it's here anyway

Lord of the Rings
19.Way too white, but isn't that the point? 20.Perhaps my favorite out of the set

21.So soulful 22.Awesome, awesome song

"Silent Sigh"
23.It's not really the moon, it just looks like it 24.Robots! with dead ducks! 25.Wait. Is that Hugh Grant?

School of Rock
26.Yeah. Rock is so peach

"What's Going On"
27.YAY ORANGE 28.That's all folks, don't forget to comment

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