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My thoughts on X2

Wow, nice. I was surprised. There was a lot of cool, neat, fangirl moments.

Things I liked :
1. Magneto and Mystique: Are these two not the coolest? Funny, amusing and still sympathetic.
2. Nightcrawler: Furry blue guy. Still one of the greatest mish-mash of ideas that works.
3. Assassination attempt: It doesn't need an incredible amount of jump cuts to look cool.
4. Cyclops: Not enough screen time, but he doesn't come across as a cardboard cutout. And losing out that way, sniff, sniff. It'll get better!
5. Phoeinix: *sing-song voice* It's coming.
6.The Lack of United anywhere: It's a horrible title, and you can sort of forget it exists.

Things I didn't:
1. Stryker: Not really that interesting. Despite the whole son thing, he seemed sorta bland.
2. Yuriko: Like I said earlier, overhyped fanboy bait
3. Wolverine's storyline: It was sorta off. Don't really know why. It was resolved strangely.

Since I've only seen it once and fairly recently, I reserve the right to change my mind any of the above points at a later date.

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