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A political tirade on the Iraqi prisoners

I am so fucking angry right now with the conservatives who are all "why the fuck do people care?"

It's really plain immoral. What gives you the right to torture them? We're the ones invading their country, not the other way around (not that it would be justified if it was, I'm just saying that we're even less justified right now). No one deserves this type of treatment. It's against our constitution, the document we prize over all others and is evidence of our "superiority".

Really, I think we just any justification for our occupation. "But, what about Saddam? Aren't we better?" That arguement doesn't cut it. We were over there to spread our democracy and now we decide that "democracy and freedom" means that we can torture prisoners? Right, OK. Way to comfort us liberals who were against it in the first place, went nuts when no weapons of mass destruction were found, and went "ehh...fine" when the prowar people took the moral highground. Now you don't have it anymore. And you're continuing to lose whatever respect I used to have for you every single time one of you fucktard say you're "outraged by the outrage".

kthnxbai, ME.

(I'm sorry to anyone who was offended by the wankiness of this post.)
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