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Old New U2 Album News

Pistols Producer Working with U2
JAM Music, April 24, 2003

Veteran rock producer Chris Thomas is currently in the studio working on U2's next album.

In an interview with Irish magazine Hot Press, previous U2 producer Daniel Lanois was asked whether he is working on the band's new record:

"No, I'm not. I just saw Paul McGuinness (U2's manager) a couple of nights ago. They're in the studio with Chris Thomas," said Lanois, who produced 2001's All That You Can't Leave Behind. "I spoke with Bono about it, he said 'Well, we decided to go old school' and obviously I'm not available 'cos I'm working on my record."

Chris Thomas has produced such albums as Pete Townshend's Empty Glass, Sex Pistols' Never Mind The Bollocks, Roxy Music's For Your Pleasure, and INXS's Kick among a host of others.

The British producer also worked with George Martin on the Beatles' White Album.

The Chris Thomas/U2 collaboration is expected to be more guitar driven.

"It's a very visceral album," Bono told New York Times in a recent interview. "The songs are very direct. They're big songs, big melodies and really some full-on guitar playing."

A release date has not been scheduled for the album.

© JAM Music, 2003.

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