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Skidmore Traditions

Yes, I'm a greedy bastard. I want you guys to submit traditions. I'm too lazy and too forgetful to put any up right now, but please submit them. I want a record of them. :)

Oh and could people give specifics too, such as the days when this stuff happens. Personally, I've forgotten whether Slap You Own Ass Day or Slap Someone Else's Ass Day comes on the 1st.
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"How long does it take to get to the top of Johnson Tower?"
pi contests
running amok
"I CTY you"
sunrise + passionfruit
RASK -Random Acts of Senseless Kindness
duct tape thingies
Monty Python quoting
mandatory fun
breaking the "no prostitution" rule at casino night
Drag/Gender-Bender/Sweet Transvestite Day
Showing of "Holy Grail"/some form of Python Appreciation
Naughty Catholic school-girl day
Slap Your Own Ass Day
Slap Someone Else's Ass Day
Casino night
Invoking the name of Jon Good(e)
Analysis of the correlations between frequency of observed squirrels, squirrel matings, and scrod in the mess.
The requisite rina-jokes.
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