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Decided to do the Mary Sue Meme, where you look up your name with the search and choose the worst summary.

The White Rose by Diana Snape
Harry, Ron, and Hermione are ready for there 6th year at Hogwarts. But when an American transfer named Diana Snape student shows up, their lives are turned upside down. She may seem perfect, but this star-spangled witch is far from it. Part 1 of 4, R/R!

One of my favorite ones, simply because of the number of Mary Sue cliches in one summary. The American transfer! The relation to a canon character! The same name as the author! Who only seems perfect!

Harry Potter and the Cheese of Neptune by tornadochaser2478
harry meets diana, a slytherin girl who likes cheese...

Mmmm... cheese. The lack of capitalization is amusing too.

Broken Wings by Wandering Nobody
Set in the summer before Harry's seventh year. Diana Lupin is a "hero", if such thing truly exists. She struggles with inner emotions. But her facade is cold. Rated for language...

Cold facades? And she's a hero? Bwahahahaha.

Highlights of making my latest entry to sexy_blends:
1. It was of Fight Club, which in itself is a highlight.
2. I got to write "Some sort of fairytale" on a blend of Fightclub images
3. I didn't bother blending it properly, because I think the hard edges made it work better stylistically.
4. Got to mix my two favorite styles: grunge and techno.
5. Fun playing with colors
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