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Reaction to the new Harry Potter movie:

jfkasdjfladksfjlasdkjfdsaljfdksljfas SO GOOD.

OK, so I had the advantage of being able to expect all the things that were substandard or left out, simply because I'm a spoiler whore.

Things I didn't like (because the list is shorter):
Lack of Maurauders - It didn't bother me too much, since I expected it, but it would have only taken a few more minutes of explanation. (And the flashbacks? Would have been so cool.) As, I said I get the whole, slowing down the movie thing, so I can let it go.
Lack of owl post - I guess there's no real need for it, but it would have been nice
The ending - A little too open ended. I would rather have it ended with Harry's line about his godfather to the Dursleys.
The werewolf - Pretty dumb looking.
Leaving out most of the year - Understandable, but I would have rather sacrificed total movie length for some more texture to what happened that year.

Things I liked (So much OMGWTF):
Remus - So gentle and awesome. Very much as I imagined. There were some moments that I think felt off, but that's just me.
Sirius - Crazy and nice at the same time. You get the sense that he could become a good father figure for Harry
Remus/Sirius - They are so freaking in love it hurts. Thewlis/Oldman have some really awesome chemistry.
Lupin turning into a werewolf - So very painful looking and the whole splitting of the back and stuff. Plus, the whole omgsoinlove part of the scene
The Frog Chorus thing - I loved them in the trailer and I love them here. Of course, they had the benefit of cribbing Shakespeare, but still awesome.
The paintings/photgraphs - I like how they all seemed lifelike as well as paintings. They weren't quite human, but they had life of their own.
Malfoy getting the shit beat out of him. Multiple times - Such a wimp. And hilarious at it.
The clock tower - I think it fit in nicely with everything else in the world.
The boggart scene - The swing music! The changes! Snape in a dress! Lupin! Neville not being a dumbass!
The werewolf slides - Funny and interesting.
Less Quidditch - I never really liked it. It was kind of boring in the first two movies. In this one, it had more personality (painted faces, yeah!) as well.
Animal noises scene - Something that fits in really well with the books and you get the feeling of a few kids hanging around having fun.

I really want to see it again. Like, right now.
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