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Harvard: First Impressions

I'm here now. Lots of freedom. I can go pretty much anywhere I want. No curfew/lights out, though I have to tell my Proctor if I'm staying out after 1:30.

Breakfast is pretty loose. It's really pretty (lots of old brick buildings) and busy here. Lots of cars wizzing back and forth. Harvard Square seems incredibly awesome. perplexigon? Let me know about MacWorld Expo. They gave us nice coffee mugs on the first day.

My hall seems cool. I don't know how well I'll get along with them, though. I feel too geeky. Six of us are sharing a suite. We have 1 shower, 1 toilet, and 2 sinks.

I can only find one ethernet outlet, but it's OK, since my roommate is having (not internet related)computer troubles.

I'm sort of nervous about this whole self-motivation thing. And the whole huge freaking campus thing. I'm scared of missing class tomorrow. It begins at ten and is nearly clear across the campus from me (OK, so maybe it's not).

Ok, Going to do the whole tooth-brushing, sleep thing.
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