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Random things that pass through my brain

Bugzilla has been prettyfied!. I don't really use it because I've never gotten around to figuring out how to use it, but still, it's much prettier.

If you slash two characters with the same first name *cough*johnxjohn*cough* and you just happen to write fic about them, please do us a favor and not refer to both characters by their first name the entire time. Really.

IE usage decreases by 1%. I found it amusing in that sort of "bzuh? This is news?" sort of way.

My pseudo class website completely broke on IE 5 (That is the version on Macs, right?), so I tried to tinker with the CSS to get it to work. Since I have IE 6, I can't test it at this moment. For some reason, a link isn't showing up in on the first page when viewed with IE 6. This makes me sad, because my instructors use IE, despite the fact that they're on Macs.

I ♥ Mozilla like crazy.

I need to buy albums by:
The Shins
The Flaming Lips
Modest Mouse?

Pairings people need to write:
Gates/Torvalds Gates/Jobs

I have to do an icon overhaul, which means going more in depth to my customizations, which is just annoying.
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