thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Random Update on my fannish going ons

1,863 words of afterlife!fic. I'm pretty much finished with it except for editing, which may or may not be pleasant. It may or may not go over 2,000 words depending on how much I left too vague in the first draft.

Have started writing my fics for ithurtsmybrain. I've discovered that the ultimate ice age apocalypse soundtracks are Kid A by Radiohead and () by Sigur Ros. () is actually good for pretty much any sort of spacy/icy feel.

Interesting post about invisible readers. I agree. I am one of those invisible readers, but I still get upset when I get like 0 comments for my fic. Which is sehr hypocritical, I know, but I need love people. Am very tempted to insert little polls into my fic entries.

Right now I have 50 icons for the music icon post of d00m. This number may or may not increase depending on time, interest and good pictures. It was originally going to be the British music icon post of d00m, but then Moby and U2 got mad and wanted to join in. At this point, I could post them all.

Anyway, I'm tired, but feeling pretty good.
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