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The Village: weird because the first half is a horror movie and the second half isn't. Huh? I'm still trying to get around my head whether I like it or not. I'm not sure. Was not actually attracted Jaoquin Pheonix, though Ivy was cool, though. I am sorry for Adrian Brody's character since it was merely a really convenient plot device.

Iconing: Am completely surprised by the reaction to the house icons. I just figured a few die-hards would be like "cool!" and then leave.

I have done a whole bunch of random icons. I'm probably going to "take out the trash" with the next post.

Fic: Worked a bit on afterlife!fic, and sent it off to librae for betaing. tatooine? Would you be willing to look it over as well?

Got pseudo-recced at fic_fairy, which doesn't really mean much, but it's still there.

At a bit of a loss of what to do with my blog. Just the stuff I don't care about people seeing? Or just anything that strikes me? Must ponder.

Oh, and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is intersting while watching if you don't use subtitles. And you have fairly decent conversational Chinese. Unfortunately all the references to the time period and places go over my head. Example:

"It's nice to see you, Li Mu Bai, but you must take jakefj to the nakndk and hide it from jkjdf."
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