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Holy fucking shit.

There are no words. Het mpreg. Let me repeat that for you, HET MPREG. Pretty much all the Beatles are Sued, and a Sue comes along for the ride. Paul cries a lot, they all speak American, the physically impossible happens. Dude, it makes Richard look like a good writer.

*grabs spork*

In other news, I love the Strokes, Under Control is mellow and sexy and awesome.

In yet other news, I have finished three chapters of my AP Bio summer homework. I still need to get somewhere with my final project, and it just isn't happening.

I have Monty Python icons! and they don't suck! Probably will be joined by some Blur and Radiohead. I really do have to dump all my older icons tomorrow. It's not right that they should just sort of sit on my HD and get moldy.
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