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For my final project, I somehow managed to convince my teachers to let me make a Beatles fansite. The very beginnings of it are at I have a gallery up and running, powered by the aptly named Gallery. As of right now, I have one image in it. Progress will be made, damnit. It's still a lot of work accomplished for today. I might put what I had before up, just so you can laugh at me. The web developer extension? Is my new god.

It's the Edge's birthday. I probably should make a really shitty banner to celebrate. Hrm...

I am now so addicted to Like a Rolling Stone and Knocking on Heaven's Door. Bob Dylan is so the man. He introduced the Beatles to pot. That makes him cool in my book.

I want to make an American Pie songset, with all the references. "the quartet practiced in the park." "with the jester on the sidelines in a cast." "moss grows fast on a rolling stone." It'd be awesome.
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