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Quick update

I'm reading Lolita for fun, but other things (like work) are getting in the way. *shakes fist*

I love AbiWord a lot. Like a lot.

Have an idea for Beatles slash, which I haven't written in like forever.

Am on chapter 5 of AP Bio homeowrk. *kills OMG*

Have an idea for a fic challenge/community. 5 song playlists. Write fic with 5 drabbles based around/inspired by the songs. Alas, there are way too many technical difficulties to fully pull it off.

The remus_remix challenge is over. For most people anyway. I already posted mine, but you can see the remix of my drabble here. It's awesome.

I wish I had time to go through all the entires, but I'm a) busy and b) lazy.
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