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Random Post

1. I hate my project. I just kinda stare at it. It sucks.

2. Watched the Olympic opening ceremony. Went "Chinese Taipei"? OMGWTF? When did Taiwan stop being the "Republic of China"?

3. Gryffindor is so going to get pwned in Quidditch.

4. I hate my AP Bio work, because it's all chemistry. It's a good idea for the teacher, since most of the juniors taking AP Bio next year are coming out of Honors Chem, but I'm not, and I can't seem to absorb all the information.

5. Parents sent me my AP U.S. Government work. YAY. Just what I always wanted.

6. This summer has been kinda disappointing. I didn't do much. I worked most of the time. I got bored shitless through half of the lectures and stopped paying attention in lab.

7. I hate my work. Did I tell you that already?
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