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House of Yes

Hrm. I was thinking about the play, and I've read some other reviews of the movie, and I think i can understand it a little better.

I think the director staged it all wrong. It's supposed to be a black comdey, and it didn't come off that way. Sure it was kinda funny, but with the dark, angsty lighting and the lack of exaggeration required to make it truly funny, it comes off as being serious.

I mean, I came out of it wondering wtf the author was thinking and whether she was trying to "push the boundaries" just for the hell of it.

I thought it might have been some kind of condemnation of the reaction to JFK's death or something or the twisted ways of upper crust society. And it was warping my head trying to figure it out. I can't believe it went entirely over my head.

The twincest was definitely not cool, along with the obsession with Jackie Kennedy. It still might be, but I can appreciate the way they did it.

And I finally know how I feel about it. Which is excellent.
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