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Wow. I didn't know people this dumb existed

Somebody tore down one of my suite mate's "liberal door", which was a whole bunch of post-its with liberal slogans and such. It was kinda neat, with lots of different types of post-its and different colored markers.

Of course, the person replaced it with a picture of Kerry with a mustache and "douche" written on his forehead, along with some post-its that said "Kerry is a douche".

I have a fairly strong feeling that this was done by the guys upstairs and not by anyone in our suite, because the conservatives here are way to nice to do something so mean and stupid. I never really liked those guys, and now have a strong urge to post pro-Kerry propaganda all over their suite.

I'm liberal, which should be fairly obvious, but the thing that pisses me off the worst is that they tore down someone else's hard work in order to state their political views. If they had wallpapered another door, I wouldn't have cared, besides going, "huh" and walking away. This girl worked hard on making this door, and they tore it down and put something infinitely less creative in it's place. The slogans, while blatantly liberal and anti-conservative, were at least more intelligent than "Kerry is a douche". There's some variation in their version, sure, but it's mostly "Kerry is a douche". Not even some "flip-flopping waffler" snark.

Fucktards. Way to give conservatives a bad name.

ETA: Just checked again, there's a whole bunch that are on the floor. They might have just fallen off. One of them said, "COLLIN POWELL RULES." Wow. Learn how to spell your hero's name.

ETA2: I talked to girl who's door it was, and she said she took down all her post-its last night in preparation for us leaving, so I don't really feel pissed off about it anymore. It helps that someone else put up some really anti-Bush stuff (he's dumb, he's the douche, he looks like a monkey) as well, and it wasn't the original girl.
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