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Return of the Johnny Cash icon. With less censorship this time. And prettier colors.

That door thing I was talking about earlier:
OK, so basically, it was the guys upstairs. Score one for my mad detective skillz.

They got offended by the fact that the girl was apparently "trying to force her opinions on others." I really don't think that was the case. She was expressing her views in her own space, never mind that you wouldn't see it unless you actually came into our suite. People express their opinions in public places all the time (internet, bumper stickers, lawn picket tingys), why should she censor herself to appease people who don't have to come into our room? She eventually tore everything down and left a note that basically said, "Don't fuck with my door. It's my door, I choose what goes onto it."

They had been planning it for a while (though you wouldn't be able to tell from the idiocy of the post-it messages), apparently, and got off lucky that she had already taken down her stuff, or else heads were really going to roll. Oh, and they said it was a joke. Which I only half believe.

Plus, they were originally planning to write "Fuck you" all over her door in marker. Great joke, you guys. Sounds really funny.

What a bunch of dumbasses.

On a lighter note Glass Onion is pretty much done. I just have to start uploading images en masse.
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