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Your daily dose of random

Gah! Packing!

Grrrr.... Argh.

Leaving tomorrow. yay. My relatives from Taiwan are coming as well. One of my cousins is staying for semester to study Chinese. I don't know how I'm going to deal with that since I'm an only child. Roommates are one thing, having people share my house is completely different.

Anyway, I'm going through my usual mild depression over going back to school and how I have five chapters and three assignments to do for AP Bio.

So yeah, I'm going to be packing and watching the Olympics tonight. Should cheer me up a bit.

Have this interesting idea for a gen OC Harry Potter fic. Inspired by fernwithy's Dumbledore's Grid challenge, but it doesn't quite fit since the OC isn't from my hometown. Eh, I doubt many people care besides tatooine.

Speaking of tatooine, she's sent me this curious manga called Death Note. Unfortunately, she can only send it in pieces, and I'm going "crack, good" right now. OMG, h0r, I wants it.

The main character takes a fairly cliched development arc (person gains power, person abuses said power and becomes self-absorbed), but the conflict is interesting, and the main character is genuinely smart, which is something of a kink of mine. I love brilliant characters (see: Ender's Game).

Hrm. Better do some more packing.
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