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Visited NYC again with shnarf and a few other RL people. It was fun. Had a huge thing of Pad Thai. Yum.

I have gotten so little done in terms of iconing. I only have like 8 Fight Club icons, and only a couple are any good. Grr... argh.

Have been writing, because I need to get better somehow, right? Am feeling kinda down about the lackluster response over (), but I'll get over it.

I really like the Olympics. That probably means I should write some Phelps/Thorpe soon because that decaying carcass of an OTP is nearly expiring.

Multi-fandom Bob Dylan fic thing might happen. Right after my wierd gen HP thing. Maybe, because OMG rsficathon assignment. It was really easy to get it done for the remus_remix because I was in a rut, and needed to write something outside of Beatles slash. And that was it. YAY. But the ficathon assignment is much harder. Ack.

I'm going old school in my icon choices these days. This one: a picture of me I actually like.
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