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This year's schedule

My schedule (which is crazy because of all my half semester courses):
1 - Late arrival (1st semester)/Health (2nd semester) - late arrival's cool. I get to go to school late. Health is sucky, though. Blech.
2 - AP Bio (B D days)/PE (A C days) - OK. Science courses are like 1.5 periods.
3 - AP Bio - should be OK. Probably a breeze after AP Physics.
4 - AP English Lit - Hopefully I'll be able to actually write the essays instead of slacking off.
5 - Symphony Orchestra - Another year of sucking. w00t.
6 - AP Economics - I'm actually somewhat excited for this. Economics sounds like something useful and interesting.
7 - Lunch (1st semester)/ AP Comp gov't (2nd semester) - Eh. Fufills my PIG requirement. Sorta interested in Comparative.
8 - Early Dismissal - Go home early. YAY.

Sorta extracurricular: IS Multivariable Calculus - should be quite fun, as it will be much more relaxed than an actual math class.

This is probably my optimal schedule, I still have to get rid of US Gov't (not shown because dropping it altogether should be easy). All in all, nice. Sort of wish I still had AP Chem to balance out all the writing/social studies. Eh.
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