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I have way too many fandoms. I did get all the way through my first draft of my ficathon fic. It's only 925 words as of right now, but it should get longer when I edit it. It sorely lacks detail. As a mood piece, that doesn't really work.

In a fit of creativity, I have written an FMA drabble. Yay?

Roy crawled to the body before him. The stench of burning flesh filled the air, strong enough to gag. He didn't even flinch.

His vision swam. He could barely focus with one remaining eye. The thing in front of him moved, just a twitch, but he jumped back, outside the alchemy circle. He landed off balance and crashed to the ground. Why did you do it? he asked himself. Why couldn't you live without him?

Balancing on his one leg, he made his decision. There was only one to be made.

"I'm sorry, Maes," he whispered before snapping his fingers.

"A part of me is desperately trying to develop a theory on human transmutation. Now I understand what those boys felt when they tried to transmute their mother." - Colonel Roy Mustang, FMA 16

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