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Man, I really like economics. It's all full of interesting concepts and new ways of looking at things. I really like it. Mostly, because I never looked into this stuff before, and it's not U.S. (or world) history fro the 10th time.

General question, inspired by librae's great evil!Paul fabble:

What kind of characters/character traits are you drawn to? (In writing, TV, movies anything.)

Me, personally, I love manipulative, brilliant characters that are kinda sneaky. The thing is, they have to be genuinely smart, because dumb characters pretending to be smart can be seen from a mile away. They have to have a bit of evil in them. They have to play elaborate mind games. They reveal and conceal whatever they want, whenever they want. Man, I love those guys and girls.

See: Death Note, Ender's Game (and Peter in the Shadow series)
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