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You guys just can't wait until your birthday


I give you bad (and I really do mean bad)fic:

In Which John, Paul, Sirius, and Remus Have an Orgy

One day, Remus and Sirius saw a giant wormhole appear on Hogwarts' quidditch field.

"Wow!" Remus said. "A magically appearing wormhole, and no one around to see it!"

"Let's go in," Sirius said to his gay lover.

In they went... appear at a Beatles concert!

"I love the Beatles!" Sirius squealed. "John's may favorite!"

"Well, Paul's dreamier!" Remus said back, offended. Not that he could hold anything against his Siri, even his taste in Beatles.

After the concert, Sirius and Remus went backstage. There they met John and Paul.

"What a great concert!" Remus said.

"Thanks," Paul said, and Remus swooned. Paul really was that dreamy.

"Can I have your autograph?" Sirius asked John.

"Sure. Are you gay?" John asked. "There's just something about you..."

"Yeah. Remus is my boyfriend." Sirius couldn't believe it. John Lennon was asking him if he was gay!

"Really? Paul's my boyfriend. Want to have an orgy?"

"Of course!" Remus and Sirius said at the same time.

And then they had an orgy.


I blame it all on planes and vectors for warping my brain. Completely.
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