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Couple drabbles

OK, I lied. I'll proably be posting the drabbles as I finish writing them.

For lykaios, John/Paul/George; sunburst capitol

Light washes over the entire room,‭ beautiful and surreal. It glances over sunburst orange carpets and sunlight yellow wallpaper. Paul stands by the window, basking in the glow. George sits to the back, reading a book on Indian mysticism. His rests his head on his hand, sleepy after a long day. John enters the room behind him.

‭"Eh, Paulie," he says. He turns to his right. "Eh, Georgie."

‭"What took you so long?" Paul asks.

‭"Shindig at the capitol. Couldn't get through the traffic." John says it nonchalantly, but he looks sweaty and disheveled.

‭George places his book face down on the floor, holding his place. He stands and faces the other two. "Are we going to do this or not?"

‭John grins, "'Course we are." He gives Paul a pointed look.

‭Paul gives a non-committal shrug. "Sure," he says.

‭Though all three of them has agreed, none of them move. You could have heard the crickets chirping.

‭Paul turns to face the other two. "So..." he says. He scratches his ear out of habit.

‭"So..." John says. He inspects the ceiling. It's a fairly plain desert sand brown.

‭"So..." George says. He rubs his foot on the ground.

‭Outside, the crickets perform a symphony.

‭Paul is the first to speak up. "I'm not the one who's telling Ringo."

‭John cackles, wraps his around Paul's neck and lays a kiss on his lips. George rises from his spot and joins them.

‭The night is young and so are they.

for kohler, Draco/Hermione; ‭anititussive cough suppressant

‭Hermione detests Draco. She detests his snide remarks. She detests the word "mudblood". She detests everything about him, really.

‭So, it would be just like him to find a packet of cough drops she mistakenly packed with her school books.

‭"What's this, Granger? Some kind of muggle food? Will my hair go all frizzy like yours if I eat it?"

‭Hermione prides herself on being smarter and more rational than at least half the school. That still doesn't prevent her from wanting to punch him. Again.

‭"Give those back, Malfoy," she says as calmly as she can.

‭Draco just sneers. "What? This 'an-ti-tus-sive cough sur-pres-sant'?" He trips over the words, and Hermione has a moment of smug glee because of it.

‭"Yes, that 'antitussive cough suppressant'. And, no, it won't turn your hair frizzy. More's the pity. You'd look better that way."

‭She holds out her hand, expectant. Draco seems to contemplate the idea of actually being agreeable for once, before reluctantly handing over the plastic bag. Hermione snatches it out of his hands and turns to walk away. For a second, Draco almost reaches out to grab her arm, but stops halfway, and pulls back. Hermione turns around. "Yes?" she asks pointedly. No point in spending more time in the filthy rat's presence than she absolutely has to.

‭Draco sneers again and turns away. "Nothing, Granger. Not everything revolves around you."

‭Hermione just shakes her head and walks off to her next class.
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