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Daily shit

Guidence couselors suck. You remember how shit my class rank was before? Well, it just dropped 2 places and 1%, because they didn't calculate it right. Fuck.

Anyway, today is beautiful. It's cool, cloudless, and just gorgeous. I love these types of days. It makes me want to write fic about it.

Not sure whether or not I want to post a Hughes/Roy story to fm_alchemist. It would get me a wider audience, but maybe it's not incredibly yaoi friendly? Woe.

And I am filled with such love for Radiohead's "Threre There". It's just so perfect and beautiful and angsty and off-kilter.

In other news, there's this awesome section of the book Fortress of Solitude about the Beatles dynamic, and how Georges only really want to usurp Johns. I might have to type it up and post it later.
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