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FMA 40

I'm a manga whore, even though I liked the anime. So, yeah, spoilerish ramblings, even though it hasn't been scanlated yet.

Havok's alive! w00t!

Ross' alive! w00t!

Ed and Al's dad shows up! And may or may not be the "father" the Sins keep on referring to!

I coherent speak, that means that we son't need to have Havok mysteriously disappear in the crossoverfic.

There's something up with Roy's "killing" of Ross, which was probably just a ploy to get her free. Lots of questions there, mostly "who the fuck did he set on fire instead?" It also screws with my view on manga!Roy's reaction to Hughes' death. Killing off Ross was like this incredibly dark thing for him to do, and now he didn't really even do it.

Ed's dad (Hohenheim?) showing up is kind of huh? as he's most likely the person making the Sins run around and kill random people. They have the same beard at least. Runs

Other crap:
FTP still timing out. Grrr... argh. I can log in, but it times out while trying to get the directory listing. Everything else seems to be fine.

Radiohead has eaten my brain as well, and I'm making FMA icons with Radiohead lyrics on them.

The sequel/second part to Masters of War will probably go up tonight. Probably.

My application essay sucks hairy monkey balls.
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