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Someone convince me that signing up to write an essay on Hughes/Roy for ship_manifesto is a bad idea. Like, now.

I'm writing drabbles, too! I swear!

Dude. There was definitely a huge shoutout to the Roy/Ed shippers. There was a little Roy/Havok, Roy/Hawkeye in there as well.

I like "Xing" better than "Shin" as "Xing" is obviously Chinese and "Shin" isn't.

Ross is awesome. I'm glad she's alive, even though I really wanted to have Roy angst while killing her. Like, really angst.

Hohenheim is so Father, it's not even funny anymore. He can't find his house, bwahahaha.

And I'm trying to catch up with Death Note and stuff. Which has gone on a little too long for my taste. Way too many new characters.

Nanowrimo in like half a month! I need to finish all my other writing before then, or else I'm screwed. Not that I'm not screwed anyway.
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