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Drabbles. Gah.

I apoologize for the general shittiness.

For mordecai, John/Ringo; help

‭John liked Ringo. Ringo wasn't Paul and Ringo wasn't George. He was Ringo. And that itself made him unique. John liked that about him.

‭Ringo was steady, in ways that John wasn't. It was one of those opposites attract things. Not anything to be worked up about.

‭He sat down next to the drummer and messed about with his guitar. Quiet, companionable silence was good for them. It really was.

‭Ringo was messing about with his drums. Checking the pitch, the stability of the stands.

‭"Need help?" John asked.

‭Ringo shrugged. "I'm alright."

‭John just nodded. Drat.

‭When Ringo finished, he flopped onto the couch and pulled out a fag. He offered one to John, who accepted it readily. They sat there, smoking in silence. John absently picked at a thread near his right leg. He could hear the ticking of the clock behind him. The others were late.

‭Ringo slouched a bit more, tilting his head up to stare at the ceiling. His nose wasn't that big, no matter how much they taunted him. It was larger than average, but it wasn't monstrous. In a very Ringo way, it fit him perfectly. John wasn't sure why he was mulling it over, and he wrote it off as boredom. Bloke's gotta do something while waiting for his mates, right?

‭"Your nose isn't that big," John said absently. He silently cursed himself for his inability to say anything right.

‭Ringo merely shrugged. "You know what they about men with big noses."

For shnarf, Professor McGonagall/Madame Pomfrey; ‭sandals, muggle inventions, aloe, impossible

‭"Well, Poppy, you sure look a little worn around the edges," Minvera said. She removed her pointed hat and placed it neatly on the dresser.

‭"It's been a dreadful day. The medical ward has been full of irate students. None of which seem to understand patience," Poppy sighed heavily. She sat down on one of the chairs and rubbed her forehead.

‭"Well, students have always been impossible right before the Christmas holiday," Minerva said. She let down her graying hair and shook it out of the rigid bun.

‭Poppy smiled and moved to the bed. The things students got up to! "One of them had his ears Transfigured into sandals."

‭Minerva turned. "Sandals?" she asked

‭"He was also coughing up, what was that word again...teethpaste." Poppy reclined on the bed, resting her head on the pillow.

‭"Is that some sort of muggle invention?" Minerva removed a jar of aloe from a shelf and gently rubbed a glob of it over her hands and arms.

‭"Most likely." Poppy reached out for the other woman. "Come to bed, Minerva."

‭"Of course." Minerva handed the jar of aloe to the other woman and sat down on the bed. Poppy waved it off. Minerva placed the jar back onto the shelf. There was no telling when a student would desperately need either one of them.

‭Minerva laid down. The school had been more restless than usual. She purred, "You've had a rough day, why don't you just let me take care of you..."

Just need to work on perplexigon's now.
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