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13 April 2003 @ 07:36 pm
Hello, people. I am currently reporting to you from Orlando, Florida. I am using dial-up for the first time in way too long. It's not that bad, but still just slow enough to make my internet annoying.

I'm not here to do anything besides hang out where my mom can make sure I'm safe. My dad has to go to Japan and my mom has to work here. She's going to be at work most of the time, so I'm going to hang out the hotel and do nothing. It's OK, I have my Beatles Anthology to keep me company.

Wierdly enough I have met up with some I have met up with some people from the C-o-E Forums at councilofelrond. I started posting there a few months ago, and it's great. Go visit.
Current Mood: mellowmellow