April 17th, 2003


Going home

I'm going home today. be happy! Unfortunately I'm still bored at the hotel, watching reruns of Dawson's Creek. It's horrible and screwy. I did finish watching Anthology. It's really good. If you like the Beatles at all and are willing to shell out the cash, I recommend it. I also finished Westway to the World. Much more of a condensed version of a band's history, but then again the Clash didn't last too long. There's some good live footage of that.

I'm still depressed over the Beatles, despite footage of John saying that "It's not the end of the world". I really need to get home soon. I'm losing it. Really losing it. I need my high speed internet access. I also need to get back to school and kick the crap out of Arjun at magic.
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I'm home

Yeah! Hopefully my depression will fade, and I can actually relax and enjoy the clouds. The weather was part of the problem in Orlando, I was just miserable in good weather. Boy am I screwed up. Plus it was that time of month, if you know what I mean.

Hopefully, the Beatles was just an excuse to be depressed. I am sad that they broke up, but not to the point of depression. I am, however developing a U2 sized obsession on them. I'm not sure my wallet can withstand another one of those.

I still need to finish up my Global paper, damn.
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