April 28th, 2003


School Update

English: We've just begun Les Misèrables Jean ValJean, as far as I can tell, is a moron. Anyone who gets 12 years added on to their sentence because of repeat escape attempts does not deserve my pity.

Global: Darwin and Marx! Some of my very few school related facinations. Great stuff I'm looking foward to talking about.

Physics: Great Adventure stuff and the Laws of Reflection and Refraction.

Math: Rose functions in polar coordinates? I'm beginning to regret going on the Physics trip. Wait, no I'm not.

German: Forgot to write a letter, crap. Note to self: einzahlen = deposit, abheben = withdraw

Hmm.. Anything else? If anyone wants to know how I got that è go here and keep on going to the complete list.
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Magic stuff

New set Scourge, for Magic is coming out. These things are churned out every 6 months approx. I think Legions just came out a few months ago. Mr. Babycakes, the first You Make The Card winner, is going to be in it. Cool. Hopefully, there's going to be some good blue/black cards.
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