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14 May 2003 @ 04:12 pm
I know you were just anticipating it weren't you? I want my dose of Monty Python!

Well here it is:
Spanish InquisitionCollapse )

Still messing with the layout, I will still improve on it. I also love the banner. Made it myself. ;)
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14 May 2003 @ 09:05 pm
Not really looking foward to seeing it. The first one was good, but it wasn't so good that I really need to see this one. The whole philosophy thing seems ineteresting, but still only barely covering an excuse to have fight squences.

This one is Emmy's: Why doesn't Neo just shut dawn the Matrix if can control it? He doesn't really need to waner around looking cool.
Why is Trinity the Leia for Generation Y? I know Jada Pinkett's coming, but seriously, name one other woman from the original.
How many times has the messiah storyline been done? Couldn't it have been based on another common myth?