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21 May 2003 @ 03:15 pm
Today was utter crap. I think I failed a math test, I missed part of lunch for German orals, I was forced to watch some nasty concentration camp stuff in Global ( it definately didn't help), the weather was bad, and I still have a whole bunch of studying and Tae Kwan Do to go to.

The few things that helped my day out were doing OK on my German oral, playing some magic during the lunch that I had, Arjun and Vishesh's matching outfits, and that's about it.
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Has anyone seen the 1997 version of the Dead Parrot Sketch on SNL? I saw a bit of it a while back and I want a copy of it. Even the usually reliable Kazaa doesn't have it. Hm... Curious.

And now for something slightly different:

Lumberjack SongCollapse )
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