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22 May 2003 @ 03:34 pm
Yay! Break time. School's been stressing me out, especially with finals and Regents coming up. This Memorial Day weekend, I'm going to Cleveland, Ohio to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I think my mom might axe the trip due to the amount of studying I have to do.

I would like to get the Criterion Collection of The Life of Brian anyway, and I have a 10% off at Best Buy.

The bright point of today was winning a 3 vs 2 magic game with about 28 life left. I rule.
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: The Beatles - Taxman
22 May 2003 @ 07:02 pm
I've been messing around with it for some time now. Nothing really great has come out of it, and I'm in a general bad mood. I really need a break from it all. At this point I'm repeating myself so I'll shut up.
Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: The Beatles - For No One