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26 May 2003 @ 02:04 pm
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was pretty damn good. The building looks great from the outside:

The exhibits are pretty cool and there are of a lot of different things to drool over. I was hoping for more interactive stuff, but it's still pretty nice to see all the memorbillia. The Official Beatles wigs were amusing. I also liked the videos for the inductees and whatnot.

The reason I went in the first place, the U2 exhibit, was pretty much what I expected. I was great to see some of their early merchandise and rejection letters. There were some neat articles of clothing from the 90s. (Bubble suit, anyone?). The drive was pretty bad, but that's OK, it was worth it.

Also of note, I got a digital camera today, but I won't be allowed to use it until I complete my C++ proficiency, which is taking to much effort to prepare for.
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26 May 2003 @ 06:13 pm
marysues can be funny or rip-out-your-hair horrible. I mean it. Go check it out.
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