June 17th, 2003


Magic Geekiness

I so want a Salt Marsh from 8th Edition. Blue/Black Dual Lands. Mmmm...

Oh yes and I made an icon from a Foxtrot cartoon. Funny, isn't it?
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Isn't it weird how much people change?

There's a kid I used to know that lived a couple houses down my street. He was my age and in first and second grade we and my next door neighbor were inseperable. We used to sing "Hakuna Matada" from the Lion King on the bus.

Then he became cool and my neighbor went to a private school. Needless to say, we changed a bit. He became to cool to hang out with girls. I stll saw him a little bit in middle school. I was already labeled "geeky" so we never really said anything.

I never saw him in high school. I attributed this to his father working at the school and my life packed with honors courses. I found out today that he's staying accross the river with his grandmother because they found him dealing drugs.

I never knew about any of this. Hmmm....
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