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19 October 2003 @ 01:10 pm
Heh, This

should scare some people. As a note, I'd like to say I didn't manipulate any of these images.
Current Mood: artisticartistic
19 October 2003 @ 07:03 pm
Stumbled onto TeenNick a second ago. Whoa. I'm embarrassed to be 16, I hope I never was like that. Teenyboppers (for me) are like looking at what the road not taken led to and makes me very happy that I took the one that I did. The pastels and the screaming and the whole feeling of being trapped in a pink room. It scared me. It violated my inner geek.

I think it's sorta wierd that they call it TeenNick. I haven't really liked 'Nsync since I was 11.

but I do have a thing for their solo efforts. Shut up, I know.
Current Mood: shockedshocked