November 20th, 2003


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Yes, I did in fact do very poorly on my Physics test. I don't even need to see the grade to tel you that. My math test is tomorrow so I
ll have to get back to you on that. Oh and I have a US History test tomorrow as well.

The advisor for our movie club kicked us out because we had a rated R movie (Donnie Darko if anyone is curious). It's pretty stupid considering any kid who isn't allowed to see rated R movies in high school is severely mocked.

Did I mention that I did really badly on my Physics test? was updated a little bit. I'll try to get more up tonight.

I am currently working on my PredatorFish class. I got it to sorta work today in class. Stupid ArrayLists. I hate you all.

I'm not as screwed in math as I thought (hopefully). An 80 in an AP class factors to a 100. I need to remember that or else I won't survive this year.
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