November 26th, 2003


Slane Castle and a few minutes of undiluted SQUEEEEEEE

I love U2 way too much for my own good. Slane Castle was way better than Boston. I can't really form words describing how much I love U2 right now. The singing, the energy, the way Edge can sing, play his guitar, and play the piano on the same song without screwing up, Bono camera-whoring!
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My parents dragged me to White Plains so we could shop for tomorrow. Thnksgiving at my house is very relaxed. We just eat a slightly better than normal dinner and hang out.

My mom had me tape the American Idol Christmas Special. I can't believe that the industry is that desperate. Why couldn't it have been the American Idol Thanksgiving Special? Not enough cheesy pop songs?

Eh, I have been shirking my homework. Not a smart idea.

I want to make a Sauron icon. Big flaming eyeballs yeah!
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