January 15th, 2004


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If any of you were wondering, the answer to the math question is in dispute. It was one of the questions we were given for yesterday's math league meet. The "official" answer is 8,040,001, but many people (including myself) put down 68 and even our math teacher agrees with us.

I mostly put it up to see who else agrees with me.
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w00t! School's been cancelled. That means I can spend my day sitting on my ass doing nothing working on my Physics homework.
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I feel bored

Life is boring.

Things I've done today:
learned how to use BitTorrent files.
Installed Deepest Sender to both Firebird and Mozilla.
Made a new icon.
Watched part of 100 greatest hotties on VH1.
Stated using the Phoenity skin.

Things I haven't
Physics homework
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