April 22nd, 2004


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I filled out the information portion of the AP answer sheets today. WTF have I gotten into? I don't feel prepared for any of them.
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tux the linux penguin

OSS stuff

For those of you who use it, the Mozilla 1.7 RC1 has been released. I usually miss these things, so yeah, just a heads up. :)

It's the stable branch, so it most likely won't eat your hard drive.

Linus Torvalds was in Time's 100 most influential people list! I got geeked out over that, even more than seeing Bono in there. I think the blurb may confuse those who know nothing about "free" software, but otherwise it's good. I give it extra points for mentioning Richard Stallman and GNU, something that's usually overlooked.

Something I've realized about Linux,
Linux : operating systems :: pure communism : governments

Yeah, Linux is communist in thee best sense of the word. Everyone works toward the betterment of all through the product. The Linux community, even with it's geeky newbie-haters, is a very helpful place. I am always amazed by the lengths people are will to help others when it comes to Linux/Mozilla/anything open source, really.

So yeah, I ♥ open source like crazy. To give credit where credit is due, thank you omicron32 for pushing me toward it and always being willing to give advice and suggestions.
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